We are a Brokerage Firm committed to helping our clients find creative benefit solutions to deal with a complex and changing market.

Our Brokers



Drew Toomey

Success Theory
I strongly believe that for our business to be successful we need to continually take the high road, and focus on building community.  Our company prides itself on providing the best possible customer service experience, and providing a plain english explanation of benefit options.

I have worked as a benefits Consultant for more than a decade now, focusing on helping businesses and families navigate the confusing world of benefits.  Prior to consulting I have been a teacher, farm hand, and research assistant.

Volunteer Fire Fighter/EMT, Hiking, Kayaking, Spending Time with family.


Julie Toomey

Success Theory
Our business is successful when we are able to help our clients find the benefit solutions they need.

I began working in the benefits field in 2009 initially focusing on individuals and families, and more recently expanding into group policies as well.  Prior to benefits I have worked as a teacher, ESL tutor, and seasonal enforcement officer.

Traveling, reading, hiking, kayaking, spending time with family.


Lindsey Kent

This is my second year now working in  the health insurance industry. In the past I was a property and casualty insurance agent for a large insurance company from Seattle. Before that I wore a green apron, and learned to appreciate the finer notes of coffee.

When I am not at work, you will find me hanging out with my family. There may be yarn, baking and general silliness involved.