Group quotes are a bit more involved than individual quotes.  Here is a bit of a look at the process of getting a group quote.  

Step 1- Initial meeting-  In this meeting we work with you to focus our plan search into what your business needs.  In this discussion we will talk about what carriers, deductibles, contributions, and participation your business would like to see.

Step 2-Running quotes-  Once we have an idea of what plans to look at, we will help you fill in a group census.  This census is what the carriers use to produce their quotes.  The census will contain information like employee gender, date of birth, zipcode, and what family members will be on coverage.  Here is a blank census form if you need one.  

Step 3- Insurance Options review-  Once we have all of the quotes back we will set up a time to meet with you and go through the insurance options that were returned in the quotes.  We will also help you get the paperwork filled in to get the plan implementation process begun.

Step 4-  We help you with any ongoing customer service issues, as well as going through the same process for every years renewal.