“Dependable, personalized and thorough. Julie is outstanding at finding the perfect fit for policies for individuals and groups. Our search for the perfect agent is over!”

Pastor Scott and Jaymie Pennington, Kingston, WA                                                                                                                                                        

“Before I met Julie, I had no idea that personal health insurance agents existed. I thought you could only talk to insurance company representatives and only on the phone or via computer. Julie is fantastic, she represents multiple insurance companies and is well versed in what all the different plans offer and don’t offer.  Julie educated me on plans we’ve had in the past, the current plans I purchased with little information, and the plans available to us. She took the time to make sure that I understood the benefits of the different plans and helped me truly understand each as I asked a million questions to make sure it met my needs without charging me for coverage I didn’t want or need.I also discovered that Julie is very personable and a genuinely good person. Thank goodness for Julie. Now I have someone I can depend on to give me a straight story about insurance benefits and companies. I haven’t been so excited about health insurance, ever.The strangest part . . . I found out that I am paying for the services of an insurance agent whether I have one or not. Our premiums include a portion for agents, but if you don’t have an agent attached to your policy, the insurance company gets to keep the money. Hmmmm. I tell you, Julie has truly earned her pay on my policy – I’m sure her portion doesn’t nearly enough compensate her for the value she bestowed upon me.I strongly recommend EVERYONE talk to Julie about the coverage they have, the coverage they could have, and the difference in premiums. You may have the best value right now, but how do you know unless you talk to Julie Toomey?!”

Heather Forrler, Attorney at Law, Cordial Divorce, Bainbridge Island      


 “Julie and Drew were so knowledgeable and patient with my wife and me as we picked the right insurance for our family. They helped us find the perfect policy!”

Dr. Sean Joseph, Silverdale, WA      



Drew Toomey has been and will continue to be a valuable resource in the complicated field of healthcare insurance. Regardless of the transition, be it individual insurance, change from cobra to individual, or group coverage for small business, Drew is a “hero” providing wisdom where there is chaos. Not only that, he does not charge anything for his services. If you decide that the best choice for you and your family or business is one of the products that Drew offers, he gets paid by the insuring company but your rate is the same as if you had gone to them directly. Expert knowledge for $0 is an easy equation to understand. He has provided a means to obtain health insurance for myself and my family and I will continue to use him in the future. If you are forced to look at healthcare insurance alternatives on your own, then using Drew as a resource makes all the sense in the world.

Dennis Defotis, Business Owner, Edmonds WA    


Drew is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to medical insurance. He will find the best package at the best price to fit your needs and budget and the best thing is that it is all FREE to you. He always has your best interest in mind and if he can’t find what you need he won’t force you into something that in the long run is not good for you. As a small business owner who has just a few employees, he is someone I can always rely on to help me and my employees get the benefits they need to fit all our budgets. Thanks Drew!!

Ana Allison, Business Owner, Edmonds WA  



Drew Toomey has been my go-to person for medical insurance for over 3 years. Drew has proven time and time again that he is both knowledgeable and extremely helpful in making sure that I am on the best program for my wife and I. Thank you Drew for being our ‘hero’.

Bob Wilke, Business Owner, Edmonds WA